“cash is cash”

Some thoughts come up when I hear this phase:

  1. When I studied the course “Into to accounting” at university, I learnt the concept “cash is cash”. If you get $2, record debit $2 cash, don’t mess up it with other assets. And everyone should prefer cash to other assets because of its liquidity. We can quickly and flexibly buy anything with cash (as long as we have enough cash).
  2. The liberation and freedom offered by cash is both a bless and curse. If we spend money wisely, it is a bless because 100% enjoy the happiness of spending money. If we spend wildly, it is a curse because we will end up broke, and be surrounded by impulse and unnecessary purchases.
  3. Let’s think of cash in absolute terms, $2 is $2. Do not think of cash in percentage of something. Because our earnings is in absolute numbers, not in percentage of any amount.
  4. “Cash is cash” also conveys another meaning that very well-written in the book Dollars and Sense. I quoted once in this post. Basically, cash is only the means to help us achieve our goals, so don’t make “making money” our end-goal.

why YG does not release Winner’s cover song?

Last week I shared the video of WINNER covering the song First Love.

The cover has been a hit and stayed at top #1 for several days. Both fans and non-fan of Winner asked for a digital release of the cover, but YG did not approve. People call the company stupid, but I think they have reasons behind that decision.

One of the reasons I can think of is that YG wants the listeners to crave for WINNER’s music so that the expectation for WINNER’s cover in the future keeps rising. Next time, when WINNER does the cover, people will look forwards to it and watch it live (because the digital version of the cover might not be release anyway). TV ratings of the show will go up (because more people watch the show), so WINNER’s ranking and position in those variety shows will also go up. If it is true, I think that’s a good strategy anyway.

On the other hand, I’m also wondering what WINNER is losing if they do not release the digital version? Since some articles shared that Kpop music expertise strongly believe the First Love cover song will gain All-kill if its digital version is released. I also believe the song will get All-kill if it is released, and what else? Since I have no knowledge of how Kpop industry works, its dynamics, etc… Really curious.

Anyway, I believe that the song has helped WINNER gain more international fans. The video views of their EVERYDAY M/V increased faster than last weeks, and the number of their YouTube channel subscribers also increased quite fast these days.  The reason why I say international fan is because Korean fans have their own music platforms (Melon and something else for streaming the music, and Naver  for streaming the M/V). So anything happens on the YouTube channel should be contributed by the international fans.

easier sad than done

I  was extremely angry today. It was because people did not keep their promise, which makes me angry every time. In that very angry moment, I “exploded” and made everyone uneasy.

Although I fully understood that I could and I should express my feedbacks more calm, I could not. Mild and gentle might help people more receptive to my feedbacks (I’m not sure). Anyway, it is easier said than done. I should be more calm next time, and should not give any feedbacks when I am angry.

Too much ego today. Let drop it!

Namaste 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

just ASK

Steve Jobs talked about the importance of asking for help. Again, it is mind-blowing because I am always reluctant to ask for help. But what Steve said makes sense because we cannot do it all, and it is okay to ask for help.

Jim Rohn also shared the same point of view, and he even taught us how to be a “good asker”:

  • Ask with intelligence. Be specific about what you are asking for; define what you want, and describe what you want so that people can understand and help you easier.
  • Ask with faith. Believe (like a kid) that you will definitely get what you want.


Thank you. Awesome and mind-blowing pieces of advice.